Snakes Anatomy, physiology, systematics

Leptophis ahaetulla D67-38 P. Zwart

Leptophis ahaetulla Portrait

Bitis gabonica A69-520 Fangs normal P Zwart kopie

Bitis gabonica  Fangs normal

Atheris sp. replacement of fangs
Atheris sp. Fangs
Thamnophis sirtalis. Portrait Radiology
Boa constrictor Lung Anatomy Open “bronchus”

Boa constrictor Lung Normal Cartilagenous groove

Drymarchon corais Q10485 Skin Subcutis Transition lateral to abdom aspect HE Obj 10 P Zwart kopie

Drymarchon corais Subcutis Mycotic Transition lateral to abdominal aspect

Crotalis vegrandis B1883-93Tail Artery-vein lymphvessels copulatory organs HE Obj 2.5 P. Zwart

Crotalis vergrandis Tail artery-Vein-Lymph vessels – Copulatory organs (Co)